On Sale

for May 20-June 2, 2015

Co+op Deals

On sale for everyone!
You’ll find these items on sale at Mississippi Market & many Twin Cities Food Co-ops

Co+op deals flyers are also available in our stores.

Owner Deals

On Sale for Member-Owners!
Member-Owners of Mississippi Market & other area food co-ops receive savings on these additional items.

  • Crystal Geyser Sparkling Water, 1.25liter – sale $1.99
  • Local Irish Harp – sale 25% off
  • Local Sunleaf Naturals Aromatherapy Blends – sale $6.49 
  • More Owner Deals

Curious about how to special order co+op deals, owner deals and other items by the case? Find more information about special orders and the deadlines for placing orders on sale items here!