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October 19 – October 25, 2016

On sale for everyone!
These sale items change weekly.*


  • Organic Fuji Apples, 3lb Bag – sale $4.99ea (reg $7.99ea)
  • Organic Pomegranates - sale 4 for $5 (reg $1.99ea)
  • Organic Carving Pumpkins – sale $4.99ea (reg $6.99ea)

Meat & Seafood

  • Coastal Seafoods Tilapia – sale $7.99/lb (reg $10.99/lb)
  • Local Thousand Hills 100% Grass-fed Original Beef Jerky, 2oz – sale $3.99ea (reg $5.99ea)
  • Local Thousand Hills 100% Grass-fed Pepper Beef Jerky, 2oz – sale $3.99ea (reg $5.99ea)
  • Local Thousand Hills 100% Grass-fed Teriyaki Beef Jerky, 2oz – sale $3.99ea (reg $5.99ea)


  • Local Rochdale Farms Organic Colby Jack - sale $6.99/lb (reg $9.99/lb)
  • Local Roth Kase Prairie Sunset – sale $7.49/lb (reg $11.99/lb)

*while supplies last

Co+op Deals

October 19 – November 1, 2016

On sale for everyone!

  • Local Peace Coffee Organic Espresso Roast – sale $9.99/lb (reg $12.49/lb)
  • Local Kickapoo Organic Harvest Blend Coffee - sale $9.99/lb (reg $12.59/lb)
  • Field Roast Apple Maple Breakfast Sausage, 9.3oz – sale $4.79ea (reg $5.99ea)
  • Farmhouse Culture Organic Garlic Dill Pickle Kraut, 16oz - sale $6.99ea (reg $8.99ea)
  • Local Schroeder Cottage Cheese, 22oz – sale $3.99ea (reg $4.99ea)
  • Qrunch Organic Quinoa Burgers, 10.8oz – sale $4.99ea (reg $6.99ea)
  • Co+op Deals flyer
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Co+op deals flyers are also available in our stores.

Owner Deals

October 19 – November 1, 2016

On Sale for Member-Owners!
Member-Owners of Mississippi Market receive savings on these additional items.

  • Natural Choice Organic Frozen Fruit Bars, 4pack – $3.99ea (reg $5.49ea)
  • Eden Organic Extra Original Soymilk, 32oz – sale $2.99ea (reg $3.79ea)
  • Jovial Organic Tomatoes, 18.3oz – sale $3.39ea (reg $4.69ea)
  • Kitchens of India Palak Paneer, 10oz – sale $2.79ea (reg $3.59ea)
  • Peace Vanilla Almond Cereal, 11oz – sale $3.59ea (reg $4.79ea)
  • House Organic Extra Firm Tofu, 12oz – sale $1.99ea (reg $2.59ea)
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Curious about how to special order co+op deals, owner deals and other items by the case? Find more information about special orders and the deadlines for placing orders on sale items here!