Food Recalls

While we choose each and every item in our stores with care, we’re not immune to food “issues” either.  We have a strict food recall procedures in place and will list any of our products that have been recalled here.  You can also find active food recalls on the FDA’s recall webpage.

If you are a member-owner and a product you recently purchased is affected by a Class 1 recall, we will call you with a notification.  Any recalled product purchased at Mississippi Market should be returned to us for a full refund.

If you suspect you have become ill due to a food borne illness, we encourage you to visit your health care provider for diagnosis and to call the Minnesota Department of Health’s hotline at 1-877-FOOD-ILL or email them about your situation.  They will notify us so that we can initiate the recall process, if needed.

Recall of Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato
Notified 3/2/15
No effected product was found at Mississippi Market. This is a voluntarily recall by Talenti and affects a limited number of jars of Talenti® Gelato & Sorbetto Sea Salt Caramel Gelato because they may inadvertently contain peanuts (as peanut butter), which are not listed as an ingredient on the label. Persons who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to peanuts run the risk of a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume this product.  The affected product was distributed in one pint (473 mL) clear plastic jars marked with a unit UPC of 8685200024 located on the side of the jar, and a best by date of 05/19/2016 located on the bottom of the jar. No other best by dates are affected.

Recall of TAJ Ethnic Gourmet Indian Sauces
Notified 1/12/15
This product includes a spice that could contain undeclared peanuts.  Includes Bombay Curry Sauce, Calcutta Masala Sauce and Punjab Saag Spinach Sauce.
UPC 071868730010 and 071868730011 with a sell/use by date of 10/15/16.
UPC 071868730013 with a sell/use by date of 10/16/16.
All affected product has been removed from our shelves.

Recall of organic seedless cucumbers
Notified 12/16/14
Tricar Organics is issuing a recall of organic seedless cucumbers to do possible presence of E. coli.  This product was carried at the West 7th store location only.  Affected product has been removed and member-owners who purchased the product are being notified.

Recall of Ciao Bella Dark Cocoa Sorbetta
Notified 12/9/2014
This product contains undeclared dairy allergen. Only certain date and lot codes are affected. Affected products has a UPC code 9951201206 and date code 14102 and marked “Best by Date: October 12, 2015″ are affected by this recall. All product has been removed from the shelves. No other Ciao BElls products or any other Ciao Bella Dark Cocoa Sorbetto are affected by the recall.

Recall of Salpica Queso Dip & Nacho Sauce
Notified 11/12/14
This product contains undeclared wheat. No affected product was found at Mississippi Market.

604183320308 Salpica Salsa Con Queso,  affected dates: 10Sep15-21Feb16

604183320605 Salpica Jalapeno Jack Queso Dip, affected dates: 9Oct15 thru28Jan16

604183320902 Salpica Sauce Ballpark Nacho, affected dates: 12Sep14thru 8Feb15

604183320926 Salpica Sauce Black Bean Nacho, affected dates: 8oct14 thru21Dec14