LIME Program

The Limited Income Membership Entry (LIME) program creates equitable opportunities to enjoy local and sustainable foods on a limited income.


How does it work?
Anyone enrolled in financial assistance programs may qualify for the membership + discount or, if one is already a Mississippi Market member, the discount only.

Which financial assistance programs qualify someone for LIME?
Qualifying programs include SNAP/EBT, WIC, SSD, Supplemental Security Income, Section 8 housing, Refugee Cash Assistance, Medical Assistance, and General Assistance.

If you qualify, there are two ways you can benefit from this program:

1. If you’re not a member-owner of the co-op already, you can purchase a membership for only $12 and receive full member benefits. Remaining payments are made with their household’s earned patronage dividends until the full $90 payment is reached, meaning no additional out-of-pocket payments will be necessary.

2. Once you become a member-owner, or if you are one already, the LIME discount gives you a 10% discount off your groceries every day.

For example: If you are over the age of 62, are already a member, and receive SSD – you qualify for the LIME discount! Stop in and sign up to begin receiving your 10% discount.

Another example: If you are a mom enrolled in the WIC program and are not a member of Mississippi Market – you qualify for the LIME membership + discount! Stop in to purchase your membership at the co-op for $12 and begin receiving the 10% discount on your groceries.

Everyone is welcome to shop at Mississippi Market. Yet, we know that when one is on a limited income, the barriers to healthy eating can be monumental. Ten percent of Minnesotans are food insecure or do not have reliable access to enough nutritious food. By operating the LIME program, the co-op is actively reaching out to those in our community who are struggling to afford healthy food.

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Learn more about co-op member-ownership and sign up for the LIME program in our stores.