Visualizing Mississippi Market on the East Side

A picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s time we start visualizing what a Mississippi Market on the East Side of St. Paul might be like.  While nothing is set in stone yet, we have  put together maps and drawings for the potential site for a third Mississippi Market location at the Hospital Linen site on East 7th Street.

While not the most beautiful images, these are the foundation for the fun work that is to follow!

There are still more market studies to do and meetings to have with the city. And there will be more meetings with member-owners to gather their hopes, wishes and dreams for a new site.  At this point, we are working hard to make our existing stores the best they can be for both member-owners and staff, while continuing to pursue this opportunity to share cooperative values and good food with a new neighborhood.


The site is on East 7th Street between Maple and Bates


MM 7th - 021513 Site Plan

The building on the left is a senior housing complex. On the right is Mississippi Market (those wavy lines indicate the slope of the site).


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