Third store: Not a done deal yet

We continue to be interested, but have not yet agreed to purchase the land. You may have seen the Pioneer PressStar Tribune and the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reporting that we are buying a site in Dayton’s Bluff. While we continue to be very interested in the possible East 7th project we have not yet agreed to purchase the land. (The Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal revised their story.)


MissMkt_logo_K-only_corpIn order to move the conversation along, PED needed to post a public notice that they would like to grant us “tentative developer status” in advance of a December HRA meeting. This notice was filed on October 30 and is likely the source of the press mentioned above. Having Tentativey Developer Status essentially means two things: First, the co-op has expressed a serious interest in making the project work; and second, the City will work exclusively with us on the site for a period of time that will be spelled out in the agreement.


We know that there is a lot of interest and excitement around this possible project and we assure you that when a final decision has been our member-owners and staff will be the first to hear!


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