Regarding Eden Foods

While the decision of Eden Foods to file a lawsuit against the Obama administration was disheartening to many of us, Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op does not take part in product boycotts because we serve a diverse community with a wide range of beliefs. We don’t take sides on political issues unless they directly relate to our mission. Rather, we hope that our customers will make educated product choices that work best for them. (Check our website to see our full product policy.)

Still, we have heard from a number of our member-owners and shoppers who are extremely upset by Eden Foods’s decision to file this lawsuit, which restricts their employees’ choice in a full array of health care, including birth control. Our General Manager expressed these member-owners’ concerns in a recent letter to Michael Potter, the President of Eden Foods, and informed him that we take these concerns seriously:

We will closely be monitoring the sales of Eden products, and should sales drop to a point that indicates there is no longer support in our cooperative for your products, they will be removed from the shelves.

I urge you to reconsider your actions and get back to the business of creating a positive impact by championing organic food production.

Until recently, Eden Foods has shared many values with Mississippi Market – support for USDA organic standards, domestic sourcing, and BPA-free packaging. We know that our member-owners and shoppers have valued these aspects of Eden in the past. Indeed, these are what made Eden Food products so popular in food co-ops. However, if our member-owners and shoppers stop buying Eden Foods canned beans and soy milk in light of their recent political action, we will hear the message loud and clear and remove their products from our shelves.