Positive Change – Hmong American Farmers Association

We’re proud that our reusable bag donation program reflects our overall mission as a co-op. With Positive Change, your reusable bag credit is worth 10¢ each. Choose to keep it, or donate it to our monthly non-profit recipients. Plus, in the spirit of making a greater impact on our community, you can round up to support these organizations every time you shop! In September, your donations will go to support the work of Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA) Alternative Market Program.


The Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA) advances the prosperity of Minnesota’s Hmong American farmers and their families through economic development, education/capacity building, advocacy, and research.

HAFA works in five main areas:

  • Land: Managing the HAFA Farm with sustainable agricultural practices with 20 Hmong farming families generating more than $1 million in sales.
  • Alternative Market Program: HAFA started a food hub that pools together farmers’ produce for sale to new markets, bringing HAFA produce to more than 250,000 people.
  • Business Development: Help farmers access individual development accounts and microloans, and support them in developing and launching value-added products.
  • Trainings: Building capacity of farmers through 40+ trainings each year.
  • Research: Working with more than 200 immigrant farmers in a research capacity.

Alternative Market Program or “Food Hub”

The purpose of the Alternative Market Program (AMP) or food hub is to increase access to healthy food for Twin Cities’ residents while improving financial outcomes for Hmong American farmers. Through the food hub, HAFA aggregates farmers’ produce for sale to new markets, such as schools, hospitals, and CSA programs. This significantly improves their financial stability as the majority of Hmong farmers would otherwise rely solely on farmers markets as their main source of income.

What the donations will be used for:

Positive Change donations will be used to support the Alternative Market Program (AMP) or food hub in two ways:

  • Expanding contracts with institutions like public school districts, catering companies, and health management companies
  • Educating students about healthy foods

Learn more about HAFA.