Positive Change: Frogtown Farm

We’re proud that our reusable bag donation program reflects our overall mission as a co-op. With Positive Change, your reusable bag credit is worth 10¢ each. Choose to keep it, or donate it to our monthly non-profit recipients.

Plus, in the spirit of making a greater impact on our community, you can round up to support these organizations every time you shop! In April, your donations will go to support the work of Frogtown Farm.

Frogtown Farm’s Mission is to enrich the world by cultivating soil and community in Frogtown.

With spokes that reach beyond its acreage and the Frogtown neighborhood, Frogtown Farm is a destination for those seeking learning, innovation, reflection, celebration, and authentic community. Rooted in values of social equity, justice, and inter-connectedness, this urban farm on the hill will serve as a model for multi-cultural community and a catalyst for economic development, wealth creation, community pride, and sustainability.


At Frogtown Farm, you’ll find:

  • The urban farm: Frogtown Farm is leasing this park from the city and utilizing the land as an urban, organic farm.
  • The Commons: located in the heart of the urban farm, the Commons is a collaborative space for Frogtown neighbors to gather, grow their own produce, and learn in their city park. During the growing season, the communal farm offers weekly sessions for community members to reconnect to their food supply through gardening, sharing meals, and getting to know their community.
  • Classes and workshops: a wide variety of workshops around cooking and gardening are offered weekly, such as winter sowing, growing grapes, and raising chickens in the city.

Frogtown Farm will use the Positive Change donations to build essential storage and produce handling facilities right here at Frogtown Farm. These structures critically support the work of both permaculture-based production the farm, and neighbor-focused Commons communal farm.