Positive Change: Dream of Wild Health

We’re proud that our reusable bag donation program reflects our overall mission as a co-op. With Positive Change, your reusable bag credit is worth 10¢ each. Choose to keep it, or donate it to our monthly non-profit recipients.Plus, in the spirit of making a greater impact on our community, you can round up to support these organizations every time you shop! This month, your donations will go to support the work of Dream of Wild Health, a native-owned farm in Hugo, MN.

Dream of Wild Health serves Native youth, adults and families with opportunities to learn about their culture, healthy living, indigenous foods and coming together.


The farm is a place to gather and serves as a resource for the Native Community. It is a place of learning, a place of celebration, a place of being, becoming and belonging. The farm is a model put into practice. It is a place of safety for kids. It is a place to regenerate and re-propagate the seed. It is a place to keep alive the vision of Native American values.

The farmers at Dream of Wild Health are committed to sharing their knowledge, resources and skills with others in an effort to reduce poverty, improve health and nutrition, and reconnect people and plants in a reciprocal relationship. They partner with dozens of urban and tribal organizations on programs that work to restore the mental, physical, and emotional health of their community.

Each year the farm teaches more than 70 Native youth about gardening, cooking, and culture while developing job and leadership skills. They also grow indigenous foods including corn, beans and squash from a collection of rare seeds that were given to them by Cora Baker, a Potawatomi elder.