Now selling MetroTransit Go-To cards

Mississippi Market is proud to carry Go-To Cards and offer recharge services for Metro Transit’s Go-To cards.

The Go-To Card is a durable plastic card that can be used over & over again. Cards for seniors, customers with disabilities and students are specially programmed to that the card reader will automatically deduct the correct fare.

Hop on & go
Just touch your Go-To Card tot he reader – your fare is deducted instantly.

Rechargeable convenience
Store up to two 31-Day Passes and up to $200 in stored value on the Go-To Card. When your card’s value gets low, you can add value at either of our stores.

Improved security
Protect your card against loss or theft by registering it (registration is free). Report the loss & for a small fee you’ll receive a new card with the value remaining on your original card when it was reported lost or stolen. You can register your Go-To Card online.

Regional acceptance
The Go-To Card is accepted on all Metro Transit buses, Hiawatha Line trains and suburban transit systems. No matter where you ride, your fare is covered.

Have questions about the GoTo Card? Check out MetroTransit’s GoTo Card User Guide.