Next Steps Towards an East 7th Store

The path to a new store is long and winding, but we are making progress toward our goal, including draft floor plans!

At the store level, we continue to examine preliminary floor plans, such as the one pictured here. Our work lately involves digging into the plans department by department with various staff.


Click to zoom in to a PDF of the plans. Please keep in mind that this is a draft, there are undoubtedly changes to come.

At the administration level, we are working on a new communication system to better connect all of our staff, across departments and stores.

At the board level, Deanna Foster, from the Dayton’s Bluff District Council, and John Flory, from the Latino Economic Development Center, were guests at our board of directors retreat to share their thoughts on what is important for Mississippi Market to  understand about the needs, challenges, and opportunities of neighborhoods on the east side of St. Paul.

At the community level, Gail, our general manager attended the Strategic Philanthropy: Developing Community Partnerships on the East Side meeting on April 8th to learn more about the neighborhood and get connected with organizations working in the community. In addition, Liz, our consumer affairs manager has added the Dayton’s Bluff early childhood and family education program to her roster of free healthy eating classes that the co-op teaches in St. Paul.

Lastly, we are extremely proud of Sarah Geving and Beth Butterfield for being honored for their work in starting the Gateway Food Co-op with the 2014 Sustainable St. Paul Award in the Local Healthy Food category.

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