We’ve spruced up the Selby store

We’ve made improvements to the grocery, bulk & wellness sections!

We've widened our Wellness aisle to make it easier to access.

We’ve widened our Wellness aisle – now there is more room to move with your shopping cart.

Stop in our Selby store and you’ll see that we’ve updated the shelving in these sections, allowing us a more streamlined & easy-to-shop bulk section and make more space in the Wellness department.

Through this process, some items have moved to new homes on our shelves. Please let a staff member know what you are looking for – we’re happy to help you find your favorite products.

We’re excited to share these improvements with you – we now have a cleaner and brighter store, there will be more room to move in the Wellness department and household goods will be located closer to bulk spices. We invite you to stop in and see how it looks!

We’ve reconfigured our bulk selection to make it easier to shop.