Make MN a Leader in GMO Labeling!

Now is the time to act!

Right to Know MNIn February bills were introduced in both the Minnesota House and Senate to require mandatory labeling of GM foods in Minnesota.  While Mississippi Market believes federal-level labeling is ultimately the best solution for consumers and producers, this legislation draws much-needed attention to this issue and will show Minnesotans’ support for GMO labeling.  We would be proud to have Minnesota be the first state to give consumers the Right to Know!

Please take just a minute to send a message to your legislators.  Want to send a more personal message?   Give them a call using these suggested talking points, courtesy of Right to Know MN.

We have a right to know what’s in our food. In poll after poll, public support for labeling GMOs tops 90 percent.

GMOs are linked to health problems.
 Animal studies have linked these foods to allergies, cancers, immune system disorders, and infertility.

GMOs pose serious environmental hazards
 such as the rise of herbicide- and pesticide-resistant “superweeds” and “superbugs,” which necessitates the use of stronger chemicals.

GMOs are uncontrollable.
 Farmers who don’t want to grow GMOs find their fields contaminated by GMO pollen.

Over 60 other nations require labeling.
 Russia, China, and all Euro-zone countries require GMO labeling.