Gateway Food Initiative Update

Mississippi Market has been working with the Gateway Food Initiative to bring a co-op to the East side of St. Paul.The Gateway Food Initiative‘s mission is to establish a sustainable, natural food cooperative on the East Side of St. Paul that provides healthy, local, ethically-produced food. The Gateway Food Initiative approached Mississippi Market for advice in starting a new co-op. In the cooperative spirit, Mississippi Market has worked to support Gateway’s efforts and is open to Gateway’s suggestion that we work together on this effort.

The City of St. Paul is currently reviewing options to develop a site on East 7th Street, across from Swede Hollow Café.  Mississippi Market is in discussion with the City to explore this opportunity further. Crucial information about this potential opportunity, such as the city’s timeline, available land and projected costs, is still unknown.  As we receive information and the Board reviews our options, we will communicate updates via our website and newsletter.

This is just one opportunity for Mississippi Market to grow. Look for member-owner focus groups starting this January to give your input. More information about the focus groups will be in the December/January newsletter and on the website soon.

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