What’s a Co-op?

Mississippi Market Co-op was started by a community of people working towards a common goal – creating access to good food. A co-op is the result of what can happen when people pool their energy and resources together to achieve a common goal. Co-ops are voluntarily owned and controlled by community members. More than 18,000 people have invested in our co-op by becoming member-owners. In return, Mississippi Market operates for the benefit of our member-owners and is guided by the articles and bylaws they approve.

At our co-op, we exist to serve our members – it’s what sets us apart. We care deeply about our community, and each day we work together to help support and sustain a local food economy. We couldn’t do this work without you – you are the co-op difference.

Cooperatives around the world look to seven internationally recognized principles to guide them. By adhering to these cooperative principles, Mississippi Market stays connected and accessible to our member-owners and our community.

1. Voluntary and open membership

2. Democratic member control

3. Member economic participation

4. Autonomy and independence

5. Education, training and information

6. Cooperation among cooperatives

7. Concern for community